Aggressive Behavior


Please note that only a highly trained and experienced professional dog trainer should assess, diagnose, understand and correct aggressive behavior. If your dog is showing signs of aggression, try to keep a detailed log of events so we can quickly correct this. Any dog, at any time and for any reason can start becoming aggressive. Before you panic and think your dog is a lost cause, give Rob a call today!

Aggressive behavior is independent of gender, breed or combination of breeds. Dogs could exhibit aggression at any age and can display aggression in one way, or a combination of ways. Each example of aggression found below may develop and triggers for each dog may vary.

Examples of Aggression:

Innate- some dogs are simply born meaner than others again, any breed, gender or cross-bred dog can be aggressive.

Territorial and learned aggression- most common example of aggression or; protective tendencies

Survival Mode- the dog takes it upon itself to serve on its own at all costs

Fear - The most misunderstood and misdiagnosed type of aggression. A lot of dogs are thought to be fearful when they are not and are expressing other signs of distress.

Prey instinct- some dogs are determined to take down anything moving, from small animals to joggers to automobiles 

These are the most common examples of aggression, and your dog may be exhibiting other kinds of aggression or even a combination of aggressive behaviors.

Rob has worked with  a variety of breeds who have exhibited all levels of aggression throughout his career, and through his unique training of obedience and behavior modification training, many dogs have been rehabilitated; giving both the owner and pooch a better life.