This is where it all begins!

Additional Information

                                                        Basic Obedience

Lessons begin at your house once a week and progress to other environments such as a town or city and parks. If needed, lessons can also occur at a veterinarian’s office. Depending on the dog and owner participation, I normally cover the basics in four to five sessions.

I always start all dogs with my idea of basic obedience- verbal commands and walking on a leash. 

Verbal Commands:

Verbal commands all properly trained dogs should know are:

Sit – dog sits

Down – dog lies down

Stay – the dog waits in the spot you left him/her for your return

Come – your dog returns to you when called

Leash Walking:

I use my method called the Walk, Stop and Wait to train dogs on how to properly walk on a leash. The goal is to have your dog walk on the leash without pulling to make leash walking a better experience for you and your dog. This allows the dog to relieve itself and an occasional sniff at the flowers. Occasionally stop when you are walking. Once you stop moving the dog stops and waits. If you don’t move, the dog doesn’t move.