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Special Attention: Rescue or Adopted Dogs

Special Attention: Rescue or Adopted Dogs

Rob the K-9 Wizard has been actively involved with rescue since 1992

Rescuing or adopting a dog of any age is a wonderful experience for both humans and dogs. Adopting a dog from your local animal shelter feels good and makes a dog feel like they are wanted and loved.

Some dogs can “go with the flow” and immediately adjust to a new home. Other dogs need some time to adjust because they were not kept in the best conditions or the dog has been “bounced”. Bouncing a dog from one location to another; whether it’s once or multiple times, is problematic even if it was in the dog’s best interest.

There are some issues inherited from bouncing a dog or puppy from one environment to another and they vary in severeness. Some dogs end up having house breaking and destructive chewing problems while others may show insecurity and lack of trust issues.

Knowing your dog’s past can be helpful in some cases but; most adopting families won’t know the full history of their adopted dog, and that’s okay because Rob can help correct any undesirable behavior your dog is exhibiting.

In Extreme Situations 

Some dogs will revert to what I refer to as “survival mode”. If a dog thinks that they need to go into survival mode, everything the dog does and reacts to is for their own preservation. Some dogs will hoard food and even hide their treats in case food becomes scarce; while others will refuse to eat or play because they can’t drop their guard when they are in survival mode.

When a dog is in survival mode, food, water, empty dishes, and toys are prized possessions, so they might try to protect these items and react aggressively to their owner. They will protect their body from all forms of contact. 

Dogs who are perceived to be exhibiting signs of survival mode will also protect their body from all forms of contact by denning. Denning is a process that animals use to shelter themselves from anything harmful whether real and imaginary. They might stay in corners, under tables, in closets or; refuse to leave their crates. 

If your dog or puppy is exhibiting signs of survival mode or any other aggressive behavior, call to schedule a lesson today because starting today, we can give your dog a promising future!